SUBITO - Automatic drill feeder

The original from Demco Technic AG - save time and tools expenses up to 30%!
just quicker...

Technical Data

operation voltage 400 / 240Volt
contorl voltage 30 Volt
water magnet valve balanced

Control box LxWxH 330 x 240 x 170mm
Weight 4.5kg
Feed gear LxWxH 320 x 100 x 170mm
Weight 3.5 Kg

Product folder (pdf)
Product video (youtube)
System design
Attaching the Subito automatic feeder to the Demco drill rigs is very easy. The feed gear is simply mounted and locked in place, either on the left or right of the drill depending on space requirement.
The Subito feed gear is compatible with Nino, Piccolo and Sumo drill rigs. Attachment to drill rigs from other manufacturers on request.
... drills independent
... drill faster than manually (up to 30%)
... saves your diamond tools (up to 30% longer lifetime)
... controls fully automatically drill motor, feed and water
... automatic for reinforcment / iron

Simple operation
The control box is the central control unit for the Subito automatic feeder.
All functions can be operated by the integrated keyboard. By exchanging the connector cable the control box can be used individually for drill engines of 230 Volt as well as 400 Volt.



SUBITO Swiss edition
CH-Combi:              Art. Nr. 2500 2340 40
CH-Combi reinforced: Art. Nr. 2500 2340 90

SUBITO EU-(Schuko)
EU-Kombi:              Art. Nr. 2500 2340 50
EU-Kombi reinforced: Art. Nr. 2500 2340 80

SUBITO is also available for other products like: FLEIKA
Please ask your dealer for details.