CAPTORPlus - new Servodrive Generation for the work up to 720mm cutting depth

New Technology electrical wall saw! Servo - power for up to 720mm. More Information here:

Technical data
Drive motor: Electric SD water-cooled
Power: 20kW at 32 Amp.
Operating voltage 400 Volt 50 Hz.
2-speed Transmission: direct switched
1st gear 620*/795 U/min 250 Nm
2nd gear 1157 rpm, 130 Nm
Control console: Radio controlled wireless
Control voltage: 48 Volt DC
Feed drive: DC motor
Lowering device: DC motor
Pivot arm Rotating: 360° endless
Cutting depth max. 720 mm
Saw blade-Ø max. 1600 mm
Saw blade-Ø freely: support 800 mm
Blade arbor: 60 mm
Pitch circle flush cutting: TK 130 / M-8
TK 110 / M-10 (optional)
Water supply: Centrally via blade axle
 *1600m operation mode

Height incl. rails /
blade guard holder

820 mm
Width: 425 mm
Length: 445 mm
Weight saw head / motor unit: 29.3 + 10 kg
Guide rail system

Weight rail foot: 2,4 kg
Weight track system: 7kg / Meter
Dübelmass mitte Bock: 195 mm
Product Flyer (PDF)  


Disconneting of Drive Motor
The Captor wall saw can be separated in two parts for transport or assembly. This is simply done by opening the lock which holds the two parts together.


Rail Block
The rail block are made of aluminium and
steel. The block swivel to side to make cuts
on stairs or to bridge uneven ground.
Blocks for bevel cuts are also available
which swivel along and sideways.



Flush Cutting
Fastening holes for flush cutting are drilled in to the
inner flange. A flush cutting flange is not required.
The blade is attached directly on the inner flange. The distance between the middle dowels and the saw blade remains the same. The perfect flush cut is assured with the radial saw blade change.


2-Speed Gearbox
The 2-speed transmission can be switched manually without tools. This transmission offers high flexibility for rpm and speed torque. Advantage of 2 gears:
Optimal use of diamond tools according to the concrete constitution


New Rail System CAPTOR
With the use of the new shifting plates the wall mounting is done at a snap and faster then ever. Simply mount the rail block and clip in the rail, adjust, shift or turn 90° for horizontal cutting.

Rail length in mm: 850, 1000,1560, 2000, 2270, 2870

Guide Rail System
The guide rails are made of high alloyed,
extruded aluminium and the surface is special treated. The running surface is made of steel. The gear racks are bolted down to the guide rail and can be easily changed.