COBRA GAMMA - 10kW The extraordinary One-Man wall saw up to 340mm cutting depth!




Technical data
Drive motor: Electric HF 
water cooled
Capacity: 10/8 kW @ 25/16 A
Blade drive: stepless 0-1'040 rpm
Operating voltage: 3 x 400 Volt / 50 Hz
Control voltage: 30 Volt DC
Feed drive: DC motor
Lowering device: Elektromotor
Max. cutting depth with a 800 mm saw blade: 340 mm
Saw blade max: 800 mm
Blade arbor: 60 mm
Oitch circle for flush cutting: TK 90 / M-8
Water supply: centrally on both sides
Height (with guide rail): min 280 / 570 mm
Width: 380 mm
Length: 340 mm
Weight saw head: 24.9 kg
Rail system
Weight rail block: 1,0 kg
Weight guide rail: 5.5 kg / Meter
Dübelmass mitte Schienenbock: 150mm
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Flush cutting:

The fastening holes for flush cutting are drilled in to the
inside flange. You do not use a flush cutting flange. The
distance between the middle dowels and the saw blade
remains the same.



Rail blocks:
The rail blocks are made of aluminium and steel. The blocks swivel to 
side to bridge uneven ground. The guide rail can be fastened without
tools and screws with the eccentric lever. The clamp system is fully
adjustable and offers 100% working safety.




Joint cutting:

Above on the picture you can see that the 2 adjusting screws
are holding the saw in the right position. With the 2 adjusting
screws you have the opportunity to move the saw within 50
mm. That means that you can make 2 cuts without moving
the guide rail within 50 mm.


 Feeder/Lowering device:

Feeder speeds forward or backward
are fully adjustable. The lowering device is
360 degrees endless rotating. Both functions
can be operated with the remote control

Rail system Cobra Gamma:

The guide rails are made of high alloyed, squeezed aluminium
and the surface is special treated. The tread way for the saw or
drill is made of stainless steel. The gear racks are bolted down
to the guide rail and can be changed easily every time. The rail
coupling piece can be used on both sides. Guide rail length (mm):
800, 900, 1000, 1400, 1700, 2000, and 2200