RONDO - The flexible circle wire saw

The RONDO circle wire saw works with the power and control unit of the well proven and wide installed Cobra GAMMA wall saw.


Technical Data
Max. diameter up ti Ø 6000 mm
Capacity: 10/8 kW at 25/16 A
Cut speed: 2-30 m / sec.
Operating voltage: 3 x 400 Volt / 50 Hz
Control voltage: 30 Volt DC
Feeding speed controlled by elektrical motor, variable
Lowering device: elektrical motor
Length of diamond wire: 2-3m (dpending on thickness)
Water supply: controlled with water valve
Height: 1350 mm
Width: 900 mm
Depth: 500 mm
Weight: 29 kg (without power unit)
58 kg (with power unit)
Produkteprospekt (pdf)

System design


RONDO is not the squaring of the circle, but already a
clever solution. In combination with the drive unit of
the Cobra GAMMA wall saw and a few accessories you can cut circular openings to several meters in diameter!*.
The drive is located on the outer axis and not in the
center. The system configuration has the further advantage that the length of the wire only depends on concrete thickness you need to cut.
Usually a wire length of only 2m will be enough.

*Recommended 6 m


The RONDO system comes with following parts:

- Feed Device with feed motor
- Swivel and offset pulleys
- clamp brackets for square tube
- Kit of square tubes (connector, up, underneath)
- Center device
- Wire guard (on top / underneath)
- Cables and accessories
The drive unit, control box and manual control are
also available as an option if you do not have a
Cobra GAMMA wall saw.


Easy installation - known technique

RONDO works with the drive unit and
control box of the wall saw Cobra
That means: No training or other
complicated installations are required.
Modify your diameters easy and
affordable with using different standard
square tubes.