UNICUT® - the first ServoDrive with patented technique

25m wire storage, no work interruption, no wire decrease nor torque of the wire necessary!
Innovation made in Switzerland.





Technical data
Motor-type: ServoDrive, water cooled
Power: 2okW @ 32 Amp.
Wire speed: stepless 0-30 m / sec.
Operting voltage: 3 x 400 Volt / 50 Hz
Control voltage: 48 Volt DC
Manual control: wired or wireless
Diamond wire Ø: 10,5 mm
Diamond wire min: 3 m
Diamond wire max: 30 m
Wire storage capacity: 25 m
Water supply: water lance
Height: 1200 mm
Width: 740 mm
Depth: 1300 mm
Weight: 145 kg (without ServoDrive)
155 kg (with ServoDrive)

Radio Contol

Frequency band: 433.05 - 434.79 MHz
Selectable radio channels: 69
Channel bandwith: 25 kHz
power: -115 dBm
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System concept

Innovation - re-designed

Unicut® breaks with all known conventions and defines a new way regarding the drive and especially in the way how the diamond wire is stored.

The Unicut® Servo-wire saw works with the well tested ServoDrive of the CAPTOR wall saw.

The storage of the wire is handled with a patented  
Unicut® winding system.

This allows to operate the unit within a range from 1 up to 25 m WITHOUT INTERRUPTION OF THE WORK for storage enlargement.




System advantages

The system UNICUT® gives you overwhelming advantages for your daily work:
  • 25m of wire storage
  • no interruption of the work for wire storage expansion
  • no torque of the wire necessary
  • leight weight construction
  • no sliding or skidding on the driving wheel
  • Protection of your investment*
*The driving unit ServoDrive, the control device as well as the wireless or wired remote control are the same as the ones of the CAPTOR ServoDrive wand saw.

3:0 for ServoDrive from Demco Technic AG

1 Low cost
The ServoDrive operates in the long rp/m range and protects the material. Very long service intervalls results in low operating and maintenance cost.

2 Leight and economical
The ServoDrive, compared with common drives, saves about 40 percent in weight and uses up to 40 percent less power to operate.

3 Highest Performance and efficiency

The ServoDrive power unit convinces whith highest torque values and the highest power ranges compared to all driving technologies available today.





Safety and comfort
As all solutions from Demco Technic AG, the UNICUT® wire saw is extremely user friendly and has no need for unnecessary components.

For preparation or for inspection just remove the covers. Long service intervalls (200 h) results in lowest operating and maintenance cost.

The UNICUT® is completely closed during operation and therefore guarantees a high safety standard an minimal dust emission. Of course all the protecting covers are easy to open, demountable and made in leight weight construction.