ALLCORE 360° - The 360° Drill Rig for special jobs

Take advantage of the endless possibilities of the Cobra GAMMA and Piccolo Drill rigs!
The column cross ALLCORE is the solution for all jobs where the drilling rig cannot be doweled and is also the fastest solution for drills in series.
Just use the Cobra GAMMA Rail System and the feeding device of the PICCOLO drill rig.

Technical data
Drill diameter up to 250 mm
Drill travel according to guide rails
guide rails available as:
800, 900, 1000, 1400,
1700, 2000
Feed speed 1:1 combination with
System POCO and SUBITO
Hand crank pluggable on both sides
Feed carriage wheel driven feed gear
with excentric adjustment
Adjustment stepless in all directions 360°
Width recommended max. 2200 mm
Depth recommended max. 2200 mm
Height 1000 mm
Weight 8.9 kg
Produkteprospekt (pdf)
Produktevideo (youtube)
Concept and Components

The ALLCORE 360° Drill Rig is a combination of
PICCOLO/COBRA parts and allows you to do special
This system features quick mounting, easy drilling
and fast unmounting on you job site.
Saving time and money.
The modular system and the stand’s flexibility
allows straight and angled drilling in walls, floors
and ceilings without fixing the rig with dovels.....
You can use the guide rails of Demco`s COBRA
Gamma wall saws and the feed carriage of
Demco`s PICCOLO drill rig.

Pivot system

The flexible and fast adjustment allows a fixation
in any vertical and horizontal position. So you
have a 360 ° solution.


Universal joint

As a centering aid for inclined or large holes, the
optional universal joint is available.
Plugged directly into the wall or
fixed by vacuum plate, it serves
as an ideal stabilizer!
Every job can be done!



Clamp brackets

Available are two different clamps for standard
quick span supports like:
Ø 60-66mm and  40-44mm


Option: Automatic feeding system Subito

In addition to the POCO you can also combine ALLCORE and SUBITO.
This is perfect for single or row drilling. Higher efficiency by the simultaneous use
of two or more units. Higher lifspan of the diamond core bit (up to 30 %) due to
constant feed pressure.
Optimal load of the drill engine due to the use
of constant feed pressure.
Beneficial for multi bores within short distance,
with two or more machines, or when extra
work is done, e.g. water draining.

Option: manuelle Untersetzung POCO

Passend auf die Bohrgeräte NINO, PICCOLO, MEZZO und SUMO.
Mit wenig Kraftaufwand kann der Anpressdruck auf die Bohrkrone erhöht werden.
Für Härtefälle verwenden Sie einfach unser ansteckbares Untersetzungsgetriebe POCO, welches im Verhältnis 2:1 untersetzt.