The small and lightweight for drills up to 150 mm in diameter. Handy, fast and flexible.

Technical data
Drill holes up to 170 mm
Drilling hub up to 570 mm
Feed speed 1:1
Feed hand crank pluggable on both sides
Feeding carriage Wheel guided feed gear
with eccentric adjustment
Tiltable continuously variable up to 45°
Width 202 mm
Depth 365 mm
Height 808 mm
Weight 8 Kg
Special items
Integrated quick release coupling 
Mounting plate or span neck pickup
Brochure (pdf)
Video (youtube)
Center indication
Using the installed center indication, the perfect drill is a snap.  Mit der eingebauten Zentrumsanzeige wird die perfekte Bohrung zum Kinderspiel. Move outwards, mount, move inward - start!

Tighten device 60 mm
Der NINO Bohrständer kann wahlweise mit Spannhals-Aufnahme oder Schnellkupplung eingesetzt werden.
Die Aufnahme ist für jeden Bohrmotor mit 60 mm Spannhals geeignet.

Quick release coupling
The quick release coupling allows you to separate Motor and Rig in an easy and simple way. For instance for mounting towards a walll or the replace the drill motor.

As an option the vacuumbase can be mounted under the dowel foot. The vacuum base contains a manual shifted valve for vacuum ON / OFF.

Option: Automatic feeding system SUBITO

Automatic feeding system SUBITO Ideal for single or row drilling.
Higher efficiency by the simultaneous use of two or more units.
Higher lifespan of the diamond core bit (up to 30 %) due to constant
feed pressure.

Optimal load of the drill engine due to the use of constant feed pressure.
Beneficial for multi bores within short distance, with two or more
machines, or when extra work is done, e.g. removing water

Option: Gear reduction POCO

Can be used with drill rigs NINO, PICCOLO, MEZZO and SUMO. (Reduction
= 2:1) The contact pressure of the drill bit can be reached with a small amount
of strength. The gear reduction can be attached on the left and on the right.
It is a smart strength-saving accessory.