SUMO The high performance Drill Rig up to Ø 800mm

The allrounder for larger jobs - heavy duty, handy, stabile and  reliable!

Techncal data
Drill diameters bis 800 mm
Drill travel 760 mm
Feed speed  1:1,6
Hand crank plugable on both sides
Feed carriage Wheel driven feed gear with excentrical adjustment

stufenlos bis 45°

Width 256 mm
Depth 435 mm
Height 1160 mm
Weight 24 Kg
Brochure (pdf)
Video (youtube)

Locking device

The feed carriage can be locked at any tooth of the gear rack by a slight sideways
movement of the detent plate



Wheel frame

The wheel frame makes transportation easy. The wheel frame can be
conveniently separated from the drill rig with two cotter pins.



Quick release coupling

The quick release coupling makes it easy for you to separate the drill motor from the rig. E.g.
to fit it to a wall or to exchange the drill motor.

Selection guide "quick coupling system" Demco Technic AG

  Supporting head / handle

The supporting head enables 
you to brace the drill rig against ceilings or walls with wood or
other materials.

Option: Autom. feeding system Subito

Ideal for single or row drilling. Higher efficiency by the simultaneous use
of two or more units Higher service life of the diamond coring bit (up to 30 %)
by the use of a constant feed pressure. Optimal load of the drill engine by the use of a
constant feed pressure especially, if the conditions allow it, during drillings nearby with
a second drill machine, or when other extra work, such as water draining, is done.



  Gear reduction

Can be used with drill rig Nino, Piccolo 
and Sumo. (Reduction = 2:1) The 
contact pressure of the drill bit can be reached with a small amount of
ressure. The gear reduction can be attached left or right on the above 
mentioned drill rigs. It is a nice effort saving option.