UBS 1297

The Legend - since 1988 and still convincingly.

Techncal data
Drill diameters bis Ø 400mm
Drill travel 600 mm
Feed speed 1:1 / 2:1 / 1:2
Hand crank mountable from 3 sides
Feed carriage two pillar 
bronce traction
Adjustable steppless to 45°
Width 250 mm
Depth 410 mm
Height 980 mm
Widght 19 Kg
Brochure (pdf)  





Three different feed speeds
The crank kan be mounted towards three different feed shafts what results in
three different gear reductions.






Quick release coupling

The quick release coupling makes it easy for you to separate
the drill motor from the rig. E.g. to fit it to a wall or to exchange
the drill motor.


Selection guide "quick coupling system" Demco Technic AG






Indication of degree and locking

The level scale is marked into the supporting rod and offers
a faithful adjustment.




A development of DEMCO TECHNIC AG